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There are huge opportunities and openings for people seeking either a career or jobs in logistics. It is a fascinating and diverse field that has many openings for those who possess the talent and skills.

Jobs in logistics and Supply Chain involve managing networks of interconnected businesses to provide products and services as per customer requirements. It is the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of activities related to the supply chain in order to create value and get competitive edge to compete globally.

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Jobs in Logistics

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Here you will find our list of the worlds largest logistics companies with some infomation on each. Again, if you believe we have missed any that should be worthy of inclusion then please send us details using the contact form.

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Jobs in logistics and supply chain

There are huge opportunities and openings for people seeking either a career or job in logistics. It is a fascinating and diverse field that has many openings for those who possess the talent and skills. Jobs in logistics and Supply Chain involve managing networks of interconnected businesses to provide products and services as per customer requirements. It is the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of activities related to the supply chain in order to create value and get competitive edge to compete globally.

There is a requirement for logistics managers at every level. At the strategic level, this job requires the management of distribution centers, suppliers, distributors, product lifecycle management and information technology. The tactical level involves activities such as purchasing, contracting, scheduling, inventory decisions, benchmarking operations and implementation of best practices. Supply managers at the operational level deal with the daily production, demand planning, analysis and forecasting, outbound operations, orders and accounting and managing them in an efficient manner.Apart from being a critical part of company success and helps in gaining customer satisfaction. It also plays a critical role in society.

The knowledge and capabilities gained by this field can help to support medicine, disaster relief operations, and cultural evolution and helps to improve quality of life. The supply chain managers help to diagnose problems, creatively solve problems and move products to end users as effectively as possible. With supply chain spending growing faster than the overall economy and company executives recognizing the importance of SCM, an attractive job market exists. There are several openings in variety of organizations which range from manufacturers, retailers, logistics consulting firms, transportation and hospitality industry.

These job profiles are interesting and not monotonous and give an opportunity to perform a variety of duties. Every day brings new challenges and there are excellent employment prospects, fun and fulfilling work environment, career growth opportunities and most importantly highly competitive salaries.Thus there is no doubt that companies have realised the importance of these managers and there are several openings in every organisation. This is the reason there are many foreign and reputed universities that offer full-fledged courses and offer supply chain management as a separate domain of knowledge in itself. This is certainly a lucrative career option and one has the chance to climb up the ladder of success in no time if they really have the passion and can understand the essence of supply chain management in an organisation.

Driving Jobs

You will find that driving jobs a career that is both exciting and self-satisfying. It takes you on the road while you make handsome money. It may be very exciting to travel around different cities and make lots of money but there are certain things about this job that you must consider before getting it as a career job.

In the market people are always looking to transport merchandise from one place to another. You can start a career on this if you have good experience, proper training and license to drive. Should it be public transportation or shipping huge cargoes, the demand for driving jobs is always high. There are many places where you can find many opportunities in this type of jobs. Many job portals have job vacancies related to many driving requirements in different companies.

Now before you are ready to apply for the job there are few things you need to understand. There are few things you must know before applying for this job like understanding the types of driving categories. For example, if you want to drive as Interstate drivers then you are going to travel over thousands of miles carrying merchandise in the vehicle. This category of drivers have opportunity to travel and experience many different places thousands of mils away from your home. This is typically the longest on-the-road driving. This category of driving job is best for someone who love to spend days and months in traveling new places.

The next category is Short Haul or also knows as LTL driving jobs. In this category of job, the amount of driving required is only for one or two nights. FedEx, UPS or DHL drivers are examples of a short haul driving job. Most companies expect you to have LTL experience. The salary and benefit in this type of driving is usually high.

The Local Driving is type of job that you drive in local areas only. This is an easy one driving because you don't have to go far from you hometown. All you need is to drive your vehicle carrying merchandise within your town or city. The pay scale for this category of driving job is also high. You can change your working schedule too. You can work at night if there are many consignments waiting to be delivered. This is really good driving job if you are living with a family. A local driving job will be good to take care of your family in the best way.

Warehouse Jobs

The actual job of a warehouse worker very much depends on his place of work and is decided accordingly. More than qualification, this particular field needs excellent organizational abilities, accuracy and perfection to meet its job requirements. Individuals who are trained in managing, packaging, shipping and coordinating things are perfect for this kind of a job. One should have enough physical stamina to carry out the laborious activities of loading and unloading the goods. As this kind of job can be harmful for a person, the worker should be fully aware of the safety precautions and measures that he should apply for himself.

A warehouse worker receives freights, store them and ship them as and when required. Stock clerks are in charge for keeping a detailed record of the stalks which come and go, they scan and check all the information regarding the goods and report to the authorities if asked to do so. Depending on the company in which the worker is employed, his job may be indoor as well as outdoor. Small storehouses have a few numbers of workers, whereas, if it is a large establishment then warehouse operatives of different levels are recruited. While some are engaged in field activities such as loading and unloading tasks, some are into managing and evaluating. Normally, it is the store manager who is responsible for directing the workers to their jobs.

The act of production and dispatch of goods is time consuming, and until the delivery of the goods they are kept in the warehouse in perfect condition with the help of the warehouse employees. The grinding, packaging, labeling and canning of goods are also done by these workers. In the midst of such jobs, a warehouse employee should be clean and tidy and should act according to the instructions given by the manager. The products should be kept in high supervision, keeping it away from animals, unstable weather, fire and other such destructive elements. The workers should know to operate machines like cranes or forklifts, the goods should be shipped and unloaded at the right time without any delay. In order to work in a cold storage warehouse, a worker should be habituated to work in refrigerated and freezing environments.

Transport Manager Jobs

If you are interested in the logistics careers you can consult logistics recruiters available in the industry. They will explain you the responsibility of logistics manager which includes to plan, implement, and to control. He has to perform all these three things to the goods flow and services. The logistics manager has to plan, implement, and to control the information from the manufacturing to the consumption to meet the customers needs. The activities of manager is to transport the things, he has to stock the things in warehouse, he has to move the goods and he has to check the goods whether it is delivered and whether it is reached to the hands of the customers. He has to get the support of the consumers. He has to make development in the company among the competitors.

Logistics Recruiters know that generally the logistics career satisfies all the works in the department like purchasing the inventory. The manager has to work in the areas of distribution of goods to the customers; he has to order the things which are needed by the company. He has to have contacts with all departments so the information system will be maintained in well manner. He has to check the customer needs and taste. By performing this he is serving the customers.

The logistics manager can act or perform as pilots. His designation could be warehousing manager or distribution manager. The requirement will be different for the logistics manager in the company according to the need and size of the company. Diploma in high school is the minimum need for all jobs in the field of logistics and marketing. Experience in the field may give the high value to the post and for the applicant. But there are many needs for the candidates in the logistics field.

Logistics Recruitment

There are many vacancies available in the industries which the jobs boards will help you in finding. You need to find out more about their roles and responsibilities. Most of the logistics managers are working in railway, in airline industry, and in manufacturing companies. They also work in postal service and in transportation industry.